Adorable girl suffers from a rare condition – but here’s how the Sunshine Fund has changed her life

The seven-year-old was helped by last year’s Go Bananas campaign and her mum says it has made a huge difference in their lives.

Schoolgirl Freya Carr-Wright is happy and thriving – all thanks to the Sunshine Fund and your donations.

The bubbly seven-year-old received an iPad Pro after the charity’s Go Bananas campaign last year and it has changed her life completely.

The Sunshine Fund dedicates it’s time to buying specialist equipment for local disabled children and the annual month-long drive is their biggest event.

Freya was one of ten children handpicked to benefit from the campaign in 2017 and stole hearts after her amazing story was shared.

After being born premature at 28 weeks, she endured multiple operations including a tracheotomy, an ileostomy and two open heart surgeries at just three-months-old.

Freya, from Winlaton, Gateshead, was then diagnosed with the extremely rare CHARGE syndrome.

The genetic condition affects all aspects of her life such as her sight, hearing, balance, breathing and growth.

But mum Bev Wright, 46, told how her little girl is a “force of nature” who charms everyone she meets and lives life to the fullest despite her difficult start.

Freya attends mainstream school Swalwell Primary and loves learning but due to her condition, has to work differently.

She works with an iPad while at school which helps especially with her visual issues but she needed one to use at home to do her homework and further her development.

That’s where you came in.

Thanks to the kind donations of people in the North East, more than £60,000 was raised during the Go Bananas campaign and Freya’s wish came true.

“She’s doing so well,” proud Bev said. “It’s making a huge difference in terms of how well she’s doing at school.

“Now she’s got so much more independence. She loves it.”Freya can’t read a regular book due to her severely impaired eyesight but she can now easily see the enlarged versions of books on her iPad.

The iPad can also be connected to her hearing aid and she can play educational games on it.

Bev added: “It’s a massive deal for her to be able to do these things herself. She loves learning.

“We are hugely grateful for the iPad. I want to encourage people to donate this year because it makes a huge improvement to the lives of these families.

“It will last her for years to come and through secondary school.

“It has given her so much confidence.”

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